Tomasz Wasilczyk working on security improvements in Pidgin and libpurple

Peter Lawler bleeter at
Mon Mar 25 00:48:25 EDT 2013

On 25/03/13 15:20, Mark Doliner wrote:

> - possible additions. anything security-related that you might have in mind

Privacy re-write? It's not security related, but... maybe it is.

We've known for some time that it's a big unwieldy API that's (eg) not 
friendly to voice and video (ie, it'd be great to set the system to be 
able to drop all inbound video requests only, whilst leaving IM and 
voice alone, on demand). I can imagine some prpls may at some stage 
'give up' someone's IP merely by attempting to initiate voice/video comms.

It'd be nice to get some of this cleaned up etc. Not saying it should be 
part of Tomasz's work, but if he's got some spare time I'd encourage the 
IM Freedom board to consider this as some sort of important work.

There's probably more I can think of but for now...



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