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My name is Arkanath Pathak, and I am from India. I am just going to finish
the freshmen year of Computer Science And Engineering at IIT Kharagpur but
I do have 2 years of coding experience and I know quite well basics of all
types of coding. I want to participate in GSoC 13, but this is my very
first time and I understand I am quite late in planning.

I have an idea that can be transformed into a good project.I will just
briefly describe my idea to you:

I am planning for a chat interface which will provide chat context
responsive feeds on the page you're chatting on, The feeds will be news,
images and videos,etc. about the things that the user is talking about.
This will help the users for getting a quick knowledge of anything thats
there in the chat and this will be a great source of fun also. We do spend
a lot of time in waiting while others write down their chats or are just
idle, at that time it can be a great source of entertainment.

Here's the link to an image for a semi-working prototype that I made :

Any guidance from you will be very helpful to me.

Waiting for your opinions.

Arkanath Pathak

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