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Fri Mar 29 02:30:35 EDT 2013

On Thu, Mar 28, 2013 at 8:10 PM, Zoltán Sólyom <z-ismeretlen at>wrote:

> I have compiled a DLL for every subfolder in libpurple/protocols with MS
> Visual Studio (except for MSN and Zephyr of course). Some includes had to
> be replaced by different ones in the sources and it took all day to finish
> everything. 2/3 of the libraries listed on the windows builds instructions
> page had .lib files for VS, but a few only had MinGW libraries (silc,
> meanwhile). I created the necessary .lib files from their DLLs with
> 'dumpbin' and 'lib', but it's hard to say whether the compiled DLLs will be
> willing to work with .NET this way.
> Compiling the DLL for ssl in libpurple/plugins was relatively easy, but I
> can't make Tcl nor Perl work. They both only contain a few headers and
> import libraries for MinGW. Are those two necessary for libpurple? If so,
> could someone point me to the MinGW make files the libraries were made
> from? I found the source for both projects, but there are no instructions
> how to make the bare minimum DLL from them, and it doesn't seem easy.
> If anyone needs a step-by-step guide for compiling the libpurple and
> protocol DLLs under Visual Studio the way I did, I can write up something.
> I started out from**devel/2007-May/001059.html<>and then had to figure out the rest. I might be able to make it easier for
> others (though can't guarantee that my DLLs work yet).

I would love to see those Visual Studio build instructions. I recently
built Pidgin on Windows using MinGW, roughly following the instructions at, but I'm more
experienced developing within Visual Studio.

Inspired by Pidgin's own script in pidgin/win32/nsis, I
realized that much of the BuildingWinPidgin instructions could be automated
into a script using wget to download and tar/unzip to extract the files
automatically. It's not really done yet but I'm attaching it in case
anyone's interested in adding it to the repository to simplify the Windows
build instructions. It currently fetches newer library versions (GTK+ 2.24,
GLib 2.32) than is stated in the instructions, since GLib 2.32 is required
by gstreamer and farstream and I'm trying to get video/voice working on

It could probably be extended to handle most of Zoltán's instructions too,
though Visual Studio developers may not want to install MinGW just to run
this script.

-- Conrad
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