Quail - GSoC project 2013

Phil Hannent phil at hannent.co.uk
Tue May 28 09:17:41 EDT 2013


I have been accepted as a student for the Google summer of code, to which I
am very grateful. I'll be creating a Qt based instant messaging application
using libpurple. I intent to target both Windows and Linux.

I would like a couple of bits of advice regarding setup:

1, My plan is not to build Quail in the Pidgin tree since I should just be
linking against libpurple and Qt has its own build system (qmake).

2, I plan on initially working against the stable version 2.x.y branch of
libpurple rather than main, this is because I don't see 3.0.0 being
released any time soon and I would like to have a deployable application by
then end of the GSoC. Certain issues might force me to use the main such as
webkit for message display. However I'd like to work from a stable position
and then build 3.0.0 compatibility once the Quail is stable.

Any feedback on those (especially from my mentor)?

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