ZRTP Support

Peter Lawler bleeter at gmail.com
Sun May 26 15:59:53 EDT 2013

On 27/05/13 04:42, Daniel Kraft wrote:

> Do you think that would still be a feasible project
> to tackle?  Would you be interested in adding ZRTP support?  And would
> you give me a helping hand from time to time should I really attempt
> this and have questions regarding the code-base?

Hi Daniel,
I only speak for myself, but I'd be interested in Pidgin having ZRTP 
support. I suspect there are others who would be interested and would 
probably build upon ZRTP support in Pidgin.

> BTW, is this something that could/should be implemented as plugin
> rather than a native patch (like OTR)?  I have not yet looked into the
> plugin API of Pidgin, either, though.

Don't quote me, but if I recall correctly, there are limitations as to 
what a plugin can do. Particularly if you're trying to do protocol stuff 
(that is, the distinction between 'plugin' and 'protocol plugin' results 
in some crazy stuff going on). If I were looking at bringing ZRTP to 
pidgin, I'd be looking at adding it in as a build time option rather 
than a plugin (in fact, there have been noises from others - and myself 
- about bringing OTR into Pidgin trunk, but that always seems to stall...)

Having said this, and I'm speaking off the top of my head here at 05:50 
on a Monday morning on really bad coffee...

Would it be 'better' (if at all possible) to have ZRTP support in 
GStreamer? In theory, as it stands right now Pidgin supports anything 
that GStreamer can throw at it (hence, the current lack of Voice/Video 
on Windows [but I've heard movements on that front over the past few 
weeks...]). *IF* ZRTP could be added to GStreamer, this would bring the 
functionality to more than just Pidgin. Further, it would mean that 
Pidgin don't have to maintain it directly. Not saying that Pidgin should 
or shouldn't maintain it, I'm just thinking that maybe it's more 
suitable elsewhere. I don't even know if GStreamer can do key exchange 
type foo. But I'd sure as heck like to think it could.

Anyways, as I say. These are just my uncaffeinated thoughts on a Monday 
morning. Hope they're of some use.


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