[GSoC] GObjectification Summary

Mark Doliner mark at kingant.net
Thu Nov 28 01:22:50 EST 2013

Thanks for making those refinements, Ankit! Everything still looks
good to me so far. And I'm really almost done looking through stuff.
Here are a few more minor things I noticed (not blockers for merging,
but feel free to make changes if you so desire):

- The change to serv_set_info() in libpurple/server.c makes it no
longer possible to short-circuit the function by returning non-zero
from the account-setting-info signal. I'm fine with that but thought
I'd point it out in case it was unintentional. There may well be
better ways to accomplish this short circuiting now.

- serv_got_chat_left() and serv_got_chat_in() in libpurple/server.c no
longer return if the chat couldn't be found, so I think they will
crash if called with a non-existent ID. I don't know if that ever
happens, but it's a difference so I wanted to mention it.

- Does the long “A brief explanation of the status API” text
at the top of status.h still show up in the generated API docs? I
think this comment was changed from /** to /*. I’m biased because I
think I wrote this, but it seems like it would be useful information
to plugin authors and I think it would be good if it remained in the
API docs (it looks like the first paragraph is actually duplicated
near the definitions for PurpleStatusType. That’s fine with me… I just
want to make sure the info still exists in the API docs).

- _purple_get_primitive_scores() exists in libpurple/status.c and is
called from libpurple/presence.c. It’s not static and not declared in
a .h file. Calling it from presence.c seems fine to me. It might be
cleaner to add it to status.h, unless there’s a reason we don’t want
to expose the function to the public.

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