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Duncan Berriman duncan at berrimans.co.uk
Mon Oct 14 06:03:23 EDT 2013


No I don't agree, been using it for years without any issues (ok one I have
to restart my program every few months because for some reason msn locks it
out) other than that it works fine.

It is still in use as the msn gateway is still operational and only way to
talk to old messenger contacts who have migrated to skype.

Hopefully skype will provide a gateway before msn finally dies. It is still
in use and support in China by the way.

So please don't pull the plug just yet.


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> Ok , all we know that msn protocol was buggy and had some partial
> support on pidgin ..
> Now that wlm/msn were moved to skype , I think that msn fuction on
> pidgin is totally useless. do you agree?
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