Me and Elliott at GSoC mentor summit

Elliott Sales de Andrade qulogic at
Sat Oct 19 19:47:42 EDT 2013

Also, if you're using Pidgin, Finch or libpurple and you're at the summit,
feel free to come by and say hi.


> On 2013-10-19 4:22 PM, "Mark Doliner" <mark at> wrote:
>> I think we didn't mention this publicly, but Elliott Sales de Andrade
>> and I are both attending the Google Summer of Code Mentor Summit this
>> weekend in Mountain View, California, USA. It's a convention that
>> Google holds each year for mentors in the Summer of Code program. It
>> follows the "unconference" style, where attendees propose and vote on
>> sessions to hold.
>> This is super nerdy, but one session I'm excited about is a GPG key
>> signing happening tomorrow. I've generated a signature for most of our
>> tar.gz and tar.bz3 releases for a few years now. I've been using a
>> 1024 bit DSA GPG key that I created 10 years ago, so I took this
>> opportunity to create a new 4096 RSA key and will be getting it signed
>> by people tomorrow. You can see my two keys here:
>> I'll try to mention this again elsewhere when I sign a release with the
new key.
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