Proposal: A common infrastructure for Farstream in libpurple that could be reused by calling, file transfers and desktop sharing.

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Thu Apr 24 12:04:31 EDT 2014

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> Hi,
>  We are working on the Lync-support in SIPE-plugin for Pidgin, and we
> would need to add some functionality in libpurple. We would like to hear if
> anyone has any objections as to how we think this could best be implemented.

Nice, I would love to see that plugin working and be able to replace lync
in my work laptop.

>  We think what we want to do is being able to use Farstream (and that
> means also libnice) in different contexts than only voice calls. Some
> internal libpurple API that creates a pipeline and user can specify whether
> he wants an RTP conference for voice call or only raw stream, whether to
> enable ICE etc.
>  Libpurple gives him some handles that he can use to read and write data.
> Then he'll connect a camera and microphone, or expose the data stream to
> external RDP application, depending on the actual use case.
>  What we want is being able to use Farstream and ICE for different kinds
> of data transfer than just calling, like file transfer or desktop sharing -
> we'd like to be able for example to use ICE and RTP encryption in Farstream
> to establish a connection and receive a file with libpurple.
> Any objections, or additional thoughts on this suggestion? We would like
> to first assemble a proposed design you could comment on, then we build it
> and provide the project with the patches.
> Regards,
> Niklas
I am not familiar with the Farstream code so don't take my comments as
authoritative. That said, I think it is a good idea to have a common API
for the kind of functionality that Farstream offers so we can use.

I think the best idea would be to post the proposed design so our most
active and senior developers can review and give some feedback.

I am looking forward to see all this functionality implemented on pidgin.


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