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Tomasz Wasilczyk twasilczyk at pidgin.im
Sun Feb 2 14:49:24 EST 2014

W dniu 02.02.2014 19:25, Ethan Blanton pisze:
> Tomasz Wasilczyk spake unto us the following wisdom:
>> It's definitely a appearance plugin, so, if other clients "needs"
>> (whatever it means) it, they should implement it by themselves.
> I believe it is indeed perfectly suitable for other clients, and works
> fine in finch.

Maybe it could be a Finch plugin? Other clients than Finch (Adium?) 
doesn't use it. For clients like Pidgin or Adium, it may not work as 
expected, especially when using custom themes.

>> Also, it's one of the tiny plugins, that does very tiny things that
>> barely noone use. I will post a mail to devel@ with a suggestion
>> list of plugins that should be dropped in my opinion.
> I don't understand this logic.  If it's tiny and easy to maintain,
> there's no particular reason to throw it out.

It makes plugin list cluttered and hard to navigate, especially for the 
new users. I don't feel like the plugin for (example) changing the 
margin of buddy list is useful enough to present it in the first place 
for every user that installs Pidgin.


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