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Eion Robb eion at
Sat Feb 8 18:30:35 EST 2014

Well, since no one else has offered and the deadline for GSoC2014
applications is fast approaching, I'm happy to admin. :)  I believe Tomasz
has offered to co-admin with me (correct me if I'm wrong there).  If anyone
has any objections I'm happy to hear them, otherwise, Mark, if you're able
to send through last years application form answers that would be great.


On 29 January 2014 13:18, Eion Robb <eion at> wrote:

> If no one else puts their hand up id be happy to be "admin of last resort"
>  On 29/01/2014 12:41 pm, "Mark Doliner" <mark at> wrote:
>> I'll be unable to participate as a mentor, organization admin, or
>> proposal reviewer this year.
>> Anyone want to step up and be the org admin? Responsibilities are:
>> - Fill out application form (I can provide my responses from last
>> year, which should save some time)
>> - Encourage Pidgin devs to review proposals as needed
>> - Make sure all proposals are looked at and given fair consideration
>> by at least 1 reviewer (could be yourself if other devs are slow to
>> review, in other words you are the "reviewer of last resort")
>> - Determine how many students slots to request
>> - Talk with would-be mentors (via email or private comments on
>> proposals) and make sure mentors are assigned to the top N projects
>> - Welcome/intro emails to students (optional but encouraged)
>> - Occasional "how's it going?" emails to students (optional)
>> - Occasional check-ins with mentors (optional)
>> - Make sure mentors fill out mid-term and final evals (or fill them
>> out yourself if the deadline is close, in other words you are the
>> "reviewer of last resort")
>> - Check if any mentors wish to attend mentor summit
>> - Work with IMF Treasurer (currently Ethan) (and maybe me) to send
>> invoice to Google and optionally reimburse mentor(s) for summit travel
>> expenses
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