Paid work for Tomasz

Mark Doliner mark at
Wed Jan 8 13:02:47 EST 2014

Hi developers!

Instant Messaging Freedom, Inc ( would like to
pay Tomasz Wasilczyk to do development on libpurple, Pidgin, Finch,
and Adium. The IMF board doesn't control the development of these--we
developers always have the final say about what changes are made to
our code (although yes, there is a lot of overlap between the IMF
board and we developers).

That being said, what things would you like to see Tomasz work on?
What do you think is most important to the project?

I've created a Google Doc with an initial list of ideas here:

It's world-readable and everyone can add comments (right-click and
select 'Comment', or
select Insert-->Comment from the menu bar). Please add suggestions,
corrections, suggest better phrasing, point out problems, etc.

Note: I believe that leaving a comment on the doc will make your
Google account name publicly visible to anyone else who looks at the
doc. I believe that you'll remain anonymous if you simply view the

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