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Peter Lawler bleeter at
Wed Jan 8 14:49:28 EST 2014

On 09/01/14 05:02, Mark Doliner wrote:
> Note: I believe that leaving a comment on the doc will make your
> Google account name publicly visible to anyone else who looks at the
> doc. I believe that you'll remain anonymous if you simply view the
> doc.

If your concern is anonymity, you probably have a non-specific browser 
UA such as 'Mozilla/5.0 (Gecko) Firefox/64' (an eg only, but is 
descriptive of the default UA anonymisation* offered by Calomel SSL 
Validation plugin), you'll probably have a few other 'non-standard' 
settings that seem sensible, but...

You won't be able to leave *any* comments. Google have yet to discover a 
method to run some JS to prompt the user to offer the info the chocolate 
factory needs.

<rant>If I see another suggestion from them that I should 'upgrade to a 
more modern browser' or better yet to 'try Google Chrome' what with it's 
oddness of libusb in it's source code because they need access to 
unexported functions in that library to name just one weirdness... I'll 



* Yes yes, I know. Stripping the UA like this may actually make you 
'stand out'.... but that's a different discussion for another list on 
another project.

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