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Not sure if it's worth adding to the doc without some discussion first, but
I'd love to see a little bit of time devoted to handling buddies that
aren't on the buddy list.  Things like being able to view server-side
aliases or icons for buddies that you haven't got saved, or having
server-side aliases display in MUC's.  Thoughts?

On 9 January 2014 07:02, Mark Doliner <mark at> wrote:

> Hi developers!
> Instant Messaging Freedom, Inc ( would like to
> pay Tomasz Wasilczyk to do development on libpurple, Pidgin, Finch,
> and Adium. The IMF board doesn't control the development of these--we
> developers always have the final say about what changes are made to
> our code (although yes, there is a lot of overlap between the IMF
> board and we developers).
> That being said, what things would you like to see Tomasz work on?
> What do you think is most important to the project?
> I've created a Google Doc with an initial list of ideas here:
> It's world-readable and everyone can add comments (right-click and
> select 'Comment', or
> select Insert-->Comment from the menu bar). Please add suggestions,
> corrections, suggest better phrasing, point out problems, etc.
> Note: I believe that leaving a comment on the doc will make your
> Google account name publicly visible to anyone else who looks at the
> doc. I believe that you'll remain anonymous if you simply view the
> doc.
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