Oracle support emails

Phil Hannent phil at
Fri Jan 10 05:25:31 EST 2014

On 9 January 2014 15:45, Mark Doliner <mark at> wrote:
> It's certainly possible. Do you know for sure that Oracle employees go
> through that page before emailing support? Or is this just a hunch?
I have emailed the most recent Oracle employee to ask, however at the
moment it is a hunch based on looking at the routes to get to the
mailing list:

1, From Pidgin, going via Help -> Online Help takes you to the FAQ
page, this is more than likely daunting to someone with a disconnect
issue, however they might click on the PidginCommunity link on the
right and get to the bit about the mailing list:

2, From Pidgin, going via Help -> About, there is the Helpful
Resources section which has the main website, which in turn has the
Help button:

The key thing about the support (Help) page is that it asks the
question "Need to talk to a human?"

In each instance the information to Oracle users is not in plain
sight, its on the Help -> About screen but you have to know to scroll.

Personally I think it would be prudent to have on the page a paragraph about password/login issues
should first be reported to the service provider. e.g.

*Password issues*
If you have problems with your password or logging onto a messaging
service you should first contact the relevant service provider
(Google, Yahoo, MSN, Oracle, etc). They will have the ability to alter
your password and check you have the correct settings.


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