disconnect and a new reconnect

Duncan Berriman duncan at berrimans.co.uk
Fri Jan 10 11:39:27 EST 2014

Hi Jonas,


I have a similar bot and in my code I do the following:-


Every so often I check the connection with purple_account_get_connection and

If it has failed I then do a purple_account_disconnect

I then do a purple_account_set_password followed by purple_account_connect


I seem to remember it fails if you don't do the purple_account_set_password
before the purple_account_connect which isn't entirely intuitive!






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Subject: disconnect and a new reconnect


Hey all,


it would be nice, if someone of you could help me with a little but annoying

First of all, what I'm currently doing, in my free time I write a little
chatbot with the libpurple, 

It is more an control bot then a normal chat bot you can talk with him, but
also give him commands, which he understands

To control the room light and such stuff. But each Day I will receive an new
internet ip-address (disconnect from internet)

Then the event function triggers correctly, but then I want the bot to wait
for an minute and reconnect again.

The waiting is not the problem, but the reconnecting. 

I tried a lot of ways to reconnect like 





So my question is what is a proper way to reconnect automatically after a
disconnect ?



Jonas Zinn

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