Pidgin : Regarding xmpp file transfer using XEP-0047

Raj K applefanalways5 at
Wed Jan 29 04:21:33 EST 2014


I am an iPhone app developer and working on a chat app for iPhone. And my
Pidgin v2.10.7  is installed in my Windows system.

I am trying to send a file to Pidgin client (windows) from my iPhone app
using XEP-0047. And in Pidgin debug window I can see the messages sent and
received. But no action is taken after that from Pidgin.

Later using logs I found out the 0047 is not used in file transfer (I
assume) and I found out the iq is using XEP-0096 instead.

I request you to help me by replying to the following queries.

1. I saw Pidgin uses file transfer initiation iq stanza as mentioned in
XEP-0096. Can I do this using XEP-0047 from my iPhone app?  Will Pidgin
understand that iq?

2. After I initiate the transfer (currently using XEP-0096), next I need to
transfer the file. Which XEP should I use? I saw in the Pidgin debug window
and assume this is being done using Socks5.

3. The Pidgin documentation says it is using XEP-0047. Can you please tell
me why and where this is used?

4. Can I make Pidgin to use XEP-0047 to transfer the file? There are some
"Proxy settings" in the "Modify Account". Please guide me here.

I request you to give the above information. Since my iPhone client want to
use XEP-0047, I really need to know if I can use XEP-0047 (if possible) in
Pidgin windows and communicate with my app.


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