Requesting review of soc.2013.gobjectification.plugins

Ankit Vani a at
Wed Jan 29 17:42:50 EST 2014


I am currently working on doxygen->gtkdoc conversion in a new branch
(from soc.2013.gobjectification.plugins). This process will take some time,
perhaps a few weeks.

So, now would also be a good time for anyone interested in reviewing
soc.2013.gobjectification.plugins branch to start doing so while I work on the
doc conversion -- so both can be done together. After that, I will merge the
doc conversion into soc.2013.gobjectification.plugins and get other lang
plugins working (which will not be too big). These post-merge changes can be
reviewed if needed, and then merged into main.

It would be nice to get this all done before GSoC 2014 student applications


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