Announcement Pidgin SIPE

Niklas Andersson niklas.andersson at
Tue Oct 7 07:18:02 EDT 2014

Hi Pidgin Dev, Mark,

  Ericsson and Tieto are almost done with taking Lync to Linux, and this 
month we will do the final integration of the FreeRDP-libraries with 
Pidgin SIPE.

  After that everyone will be able to enjoy Lync on Linux with full 
desktop screen sharing working both ways. I can only say that it will be 

  Tieto and Ericsson is planning to do a public announcement about this 
in November (tentative during Ubuntu Summit)

  All our code is Open Sourced and sent upstream, but AFAIK the patches 
sent to Pidgin is not yet incorporated in trunk.

  It would of course be nice to say that all code is already in 
upstream, but if we have to point to our own PPAs and github I guess we 
have no other option.

  We are also onboarding more developers to help out with fixing 
Pidgin-bugs, and I would very much prefer to do this in concert with any 
Pidgin dev upstream, instead of maintaining a fork we are doing right now.

  I hope to give you more information soon. I am most likely traveling 
to FOSDEM in Brussels the 31:st of Jan and 1:st of Feb next year. If any 
of you plan to go please let me know and we can join up for a couple of 

Best regards,

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