Proposal : RTP and Raw Data streams

Youness Alaoui kakaroto at
Sun Sep 7 21:50:31 EDT 2014

Hi Richard, Niklas,

You are right that it is only an API change. Actually, the current API is
not modified, so it's an API addition rather than a change, meaning that it
retains backward compatiblity.
There is no consumer of the API within pidgin at the moment, but the SIPE
plugin does use it to allow file transfer interop with Lync. Eventually, it
can also be used by jingle for google-xmpp interop for file transfers and
desktop sharing as well which we plan on adding to XMPP.
If you have any questions, let me know.


On Sun, Sep 7, 2014 at 9:24 PM, Niklas Andersson <
niklas.andersson at> wrote:

> Hi Richard,
>  Thanks a lot for your response.
>  Youness, could you please answer Richards question? My understanding is
> that Pidgin SIPE will be the first consumer of this API-change, but I'll
> leave that to you to answer.
> Also looping in Jakub Adam, upstream SIPE Developer.
> And yes, our intention is to ramp up heavily on the interoperability
> between XMPP and Lync when this is done :)
> Best Regards,
> Niklas
> On 08/09/14 03:05, Richard Laager wrote:
>> I'm not really an expert on our media code, so I've been hesitant to try
>> to be the one to review this.
>> I've looked at the ticket and mailing list post. Having more features
>> and more interoperability is, of course, great.
>> Am I correct in understanding that this patch is so far just API
>> changes? That is, there are no actual consumers of this API yet.
>> What are your plans for that?
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