Re-signed 2.10.11 tarballs

Mark Doliner mark at
Fri Dec 25 00:17:57 EST 2015

Hi! The Pidgin source 2.10.11 tar.gz and tar.bz2 files were originally
signed with my old PGP key. I created a new key in 2013 and had it
signed by random people at the GSoC mentor summit. Some time after
that I revoked the old key. I do not believe it had been compromised,
but I no longer wanted people using it since it was old and somewhat

I just now re-signed the 2.10.11 tarballs and updated the asc files to
Sourceforge. Sorry for now doing that sooner!

Old key ID: 4C292FCC
New key ID: A40AB77B
Info about the keys:
2.10.11 file list:

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