SoC 2015 Students Announced

Mark Doliner mark at
Tue Jun 2 00:51:56 EDT 2015

I'm happy to give SoC students write access to our hg repo (other
people who are hg admins: Ethan Blanton, Daniel Atallah, Tomasz
Wasilczyk. Michael McConville already has access. For the other five
students and their mentors:

Access is granted using an ssh key. You can read a little about this

For me to grant you access, please email me the ssh public key (NOT
the private key) from the user and computer where you think you'll be
doing most of your development. Or multiple keys, if you'd like to
have access from multiple computers. GitHub has a decent help page on
how to generate an SSH key pair, if you don't already have one:

Please also let me know which nick name you'd like to use. This should
be a short-ish alphanumerical string (probably no spaces) that your
commits will be listed as. Could be the same nick name you use in IRC
or XMPP chat. For example, I use "markdoliner" because I'm
ridiculously too verbose. Some people use their first initial followed
by last name. Other people use a handle that's not made of their name.

And please cc your mentor on the email. And let me or Eion know if you
have any problems.

Feel free to forward this email to your student(s) to make sure they
see it (I don't have the email addresses for all students).

--Mark Doliner

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