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Thu Jun 4 15:33:10 EDT 2015


I'm the student for the project of porting changes from Intantbird's
libpurple to Pidgin's

I've got one question to talk about:
Could I start working with libpurple 2.10.12? There are several reasons:
instantbird is using libpurple 2.10.9 (waiting for moving on to 2.10.11); I
have some issues compiling 3.0.0 still, and once I got it compiled (without
GPlugin), It wasn't very stable (crashed after some secs).
Actually, I think there are not big changes from 2.10.x to 3.0.0 on
libpurple; so I guess there is no problem in working on a 2.10.12 branch of
mine and after doing a merge with 3.0.0


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On 2 June 2015 at 06:51, Mark Doliner <mark at> wrote:

> I'm happy to give SoC students write access to our hg repo (other
> people who are hg admins: Ethan Blanton, Daniel Atallah, Tomasz
> Wasilczyk. Michael McConville already has access. For the other five
> students and their mentors:
> Access is granted using an ssh key. You can read a little about this
> here:
> For me to grant you access, please email me the ssh public key (NOT
> the private key) from the user and computer where you think you'll be
> doing most of your development. Or multiple keys, if you'd like to
> have access from multiple computers. GitHub has a decent help page on
> how to generate an SSH key pair, if you don't already have one:
> Please also let me know which nick name you'd like to use. This should
> be a short-ish alphanumerical string (probably no spaces) that your
> commits will be listed as. Could be the same nick name you use in IRC
> or XMPP chat. For example, I use "markdoliner" because I'm
> ridiculously too verbose. Some people use their first initial followed
> by last name. Other people use a handle that's not made of their name.
> And please cc your mentor on the email. And let me or Eion know if you
> have any problems.
> Feel free to forward this email to your student(s) to make sure they
> see it (I don't have the email addresses for all students).
> Thanks!
> --Mark Doliner
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