GSoC 2015 - Writing a JS Plugin Loader

Alangi Derick alangiderick at
Sun Mar 8 19:04:16 EDT 2015

     My name is Alangi Derick, i am from Africa and precisely Cameroon. I
went through the idea list for Pidgin and i saw an interesting project i
want work on. I am a web developer with very good knowledge in JavaScript,
so i would like to contribute to this organisation by writing a JS plugin
     My idea is improving on GPlugin by writing a JS plugin loader for them
in which Pidgin will now integrate GPlugin into their software. I don't
know if this is a good idea but that is the approach i want to use. So i
will like suggestions and comment on whether to continue with this idea or
change to something else.
    I wish to do this project as my GSoC project 2015, i am available in
the channel and my irc nick is: d3r1ck and waiting for suggestions. Thanks

Alangi Derick Ndimnain
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