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> Hello all,
> My name is Sanjeed Schamnad. I am a fourth year CSE undergraduate student
> from India (College: BITS-Pilani). I would partake under the Google summer
> of code-2015 program working under your organization.

Hi Sanjeed, welcome.

> I've gone through the Project ideas provided by Pidgin and am interested
> in two particular ideas:
> 1)Android "proxy" client
> 2) Removing code duplication from the pidgin code database
> I have completed courses on Computer networks which has given me a strong
> foundation in how proxy clients work and how to implement them. I have done
> courses in Datastructures and Algorithms and on Design and analysis of
> algorithms which involved considerable debugging and optimization of code.
> Given this skill set, I think I would be a good candidate for these
> projects. I have a few other ideas for Pidgin and would like to know the
> validity of these ideas as GSOC projects:
> All these ideas are from a user point of view. These are the
> problems/glitches I faced while using pidgin
> 1) If I copy paste some formatted text and send the message, instead of
> resetting formatting by default, the previous messages format is still
> available.
> It might be good idea to both reset formatting after each message (with an
> option to not-reset in settings) and have an easy way to paste without
> formatting (just middle click instead of menu item).
> A suggestion to solve this issue is to make middle-click paste without
> formatting on X11 systems, and leave as it is for other systems. This
> could be a reasonable default.
> 2) When you are able to see other's JID, and request info from
> conference, it's requested from real JID instead of conference jid, but
> real server do not always give info away for people who are not in contact
> list. So there is no way to request info from
> example at conference.xmpp.server/UserName instead of
> username at jabber.example .
> Server won't send data if you are not in user contact list if you ask
> directly, but it will if you ask via conference jid (and you are present
> in the conference)
> There should be the provision to route the request to the conference
> server by default like it was in older versions. But we might still want
> to request info from real jid though, as there is no other option to
> determine if you missed enter message.
> It might be a good idea to show real jid as field in info if pidgin knows
> it; maybe make two menu items, request user info and request real jid
> info. With second only active when conference settings allow you to see it 3)
> We cannot ban whole servers still. "*/ban <>*"
> would return an error even though it's valid ban if you send it via XMPP
> console
> 4) We cannot ban a user with a space in his name. F*or users without
> spaces "/ban username" would work *but for a user with a space in his
> nick, this command won't work. We need to type "*/ban real at jid*".
> These are the preliminary problems which me and my friends have faced by
> extensively using pidgin. As an avid user of pidgin I would love to work
> under the mentorship of your organization and help in making pidgin better.
> I would request your help in going about drafting the proposal for
> GSOC-2015
> Thanking you
It looks like you have some ideas to improve the xmpp protocol, which is
nice. You just need to make sure that the improvements will be enough to
justify a whole summer of work.

Try to take that into account when you start writing your application.


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