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> Hello,
> I am Vandan Phadke. A 3rd year Undergraduate student studying Computer
> Science in BITS Pilani University.
> I have a good 2-2.5 year experience in android development
> Please have a look at my github profile:

Hi Vandan, and welcome.

> I am very interested in working on the project of developing an android
> client for pidgin.
> I had some doubts though. In the details it is mentioned that sender
> connects to user's server only.
> So basically will we send a http request to the user server before
> starting the conversation?
> And what has to be done regarding the encryption and decryption of
> messages.
> Also please give me a starting point so that I can start contributing to
> the project and thinking about the implementation
> details about the app.
> Thanks in advance
> Vandan Phadke
The issue here is that libpurple was not designed to run on a mobile
application and as such is not optimized for power consumption and all that
mobile requirements.

One of the ideas that have been around for a while have been to create an
android front end that can communicate to a libpurple backend on a server.
How to do that or if you have a better idea to get a libpurple client on
android is up to you.

Anyway I think it worth to point you to a previous effort on this regard[1]
which was done on the GSoC 2012, I am not completely sure about the status
of it, maybe Mark can give more details.



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