GSoC is over

Ethan Blanton elb at
Thu Sep 10 12:23:40 EDT 2015

Jorge VillaseƱor spake unto us the following wisdom:
> The Google Summer of Code is over and it is time that we recapitulate what
> was done, in which state is each of the projects, are they ready to be
> merged? complete or partially?

Mike and I have discussed this (though not in the past few days) for
his projects, and most of his work can be merged -- a lot of it I
requested he hold off on simply so it wouldn't step on any other
students' toes.  He has a few partially-completed efforts (such as
Gtk3 de-deprecation) that turned out to be more work than we had
bargained for that won't be ready to merge immediately.

> I request from every student to write a summary of their project here and
> update/create a wiki page with the details of it, what was accomplished,
> what is the state of the project and so on.

Sounds like a good idea.

> And from the developers, specially the mentors, we need to figure out how
> do we plan to merge such projects based on their current status.

Agreed.  I'm all for merging up anything that can be merged to 3.0;
it's all improvement on that front!


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