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Gary Kramlich grim at reaperworld.com
Thu Apr 7 15:26:36 EDT 2016

On Thu, Apr 7, 2016 at 2:23 PM, Michael McConville <mmcco at mykolab.com>

I'll have to look into that more. Usually, though, the sort of set up
> you describe is far more attractive to the person who designs it than it
> is to others. They tend to introduce dark magic and complexity that
> people don't want to learn.

The "dark magic" is using Docker.  Look at
https://bitbucket.org/gplugin/release-tools/src From any machine that has
docker-engine installed you can build GPlugin against a number of distros
(who's number will increase over time).  Again I will write up more about
this later (probably sooner since everyone seems to be very scared of it).


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