Gary is taking over! In a good way.

Ka-Hing Cheung khc at
Tue Jan 26 14:51:03 EST 2016

On 01/16/2016 10:39 AM, Gary Kramlich wrote:
> The most important objective for me now is setting up a continuous
> integration/continuous deployment environment for us to use.  I'm
> starting with GPlugin since I've heard numerous rumblings about having
> to build it and it's also a much easier project to build.  I'm hoping to
> finish up the GPlugin stuff this week and will be moving into doing
> libpurple after that.  For anyone that's interested, you can find the
> CI/CD at  There is a build/tooling
> project that you can find at
>  I'm not dead-set on
> Jenkins, I just had it setup previously so decided to use it.  The
> release-tools project doesn't care whats running it.

Is there a hosted version of jenkins? If pidgin is moving to hosted 
mercurial maybe it makes sense to move to hosted CI as well? I've used 
Travis and CircleCI and they seem antiquate for most tasks.

- khc

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