Pidgin 3.0.0devel tray icon not working on KDE Plasma 5.5

Bjoern Voigt bjoernv at
Wed Mar 2 13:28:04 EST 2016

I recently switched to the latest KDE desktop (KDE Plasma Desktop 5.5).

Unfortunately the Pidgin 3.0.0devel tray icon is not working anymore. The icon itself is very small, see screenshot

When I click on the icon, the menu does not show up.

For Pidgin 2.10.x there are two working solutions (1) Pidgin 2.10.x used GTK+ 2.x which is handled by KDE plasma 5.5's "xembedsniproxy"; 2) with the Pidgin pidgin-indicator plugin).

Is there a working solution for Pidgin 3.0.0devel? SNI and libappindicator-gtk3 may help. libappindicator-gtk3 is made for Ubuntu Unity, but should work for KDE Plasma too. Please consider the technical details from Wolfgang Bauer:

As a temporary work-around I disabled the tray icon in Pidgin preferences.


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