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Gary Kramlich grim at
Tue Oct 3 01:57:10 EDT 2017

Greetings Programs!

If you have not yet seen the introduction email with a subject of "State of
Pidgin: Introduction", please go read it first.

As many of you know, Pidgin has a LOT of infrastructure.  You can see that
status of much of it via

Maintaining this infrastructure is a lot of work.  Whether it's keeping
things patched, making sure TLS certificates are up to date, mailing list
administration, etc;  It eats up a lot of my time as I am also the primary
system administrator.

rlaager has been gracious enough to offer us a cPanel instance.  I
personally have never used a cPanel instance so I have a lot of questions.

Aside from that, many pieces of our infrastructure have been hand crafted
and will be difficult to move.  Now I don't think that's a show stopper at
all.  In fact I believe it's all the more reason to move to something a
little bit more standardized so we stop having special snowflakes that are
hard to maintain.

Ideally we would at the very least move our email including the mailing
lists and the static sites ( and as an
initial trial/first step.

Moving trac should be doable, but there is a lot of magic around our trac
install.  Including the stuff that updates tickets when new changes come
in.  I think that's doable with a cPanel instance, but I honestly don't

I'm not really sure what exactly is and isn't possible so I'm going to ask
that rlaager kind of fills in the blanks here.

Please discuss.


Gary Kramlich <grim at>
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