State of Pidgin: Project Infrastructure

Michael Secord gizmokid2005 at
Tue Oct 3 16:09:53 EDT 2017

On 10/3/2017 12:12, Richard Laager wrote:
> On 10/03/2017 09:49 AM, Ethan Blanton wrote:
>> Gary Kramlich wrote:
>>> Moving trac should be doable, but there is a lot of magic around our trac
>>> install.  Including the stuff that updates tickets when new changes come
>>> in.  I think that's doable with a cPanel instance, but I honestly don't
>>> know.
>> Is there a reason we want to move it?  At the very most, I'd think
>> we'd want to forward-port open bugs to a new system.  Trac made a lot
>> of sense in the early 2000s, but now I think we just want to leave it
>> behind.
> I know it's really lame to drop open bug reports, but seriously, that's
> what I would do. We shouldn't let perfect be the enemy of good. We have
> a lot of problems and I'd much rather just throw the bug reports away
> and start fresh moving forward.
I'm otherwise not really equipped to work on anything pidgin related 
(lack of skills), but I'd be more than happy to offer-up effort in doing 
database conversions of old tickets into new if there was a decision to 
save some of them (should the decision be to move away from trac and 
into something else).

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