State of Pidgin: Attracting and Maintaining New Contributors

Matěj Cepl mcepl at
Tue Oct 3 18:52:16 EDT 2017

On 2017-10-03, 15:11 GMT, Gary Kramlich wrote: 
> That said we have much bigger problems than that right now.  
> We don't need a million drive by contributions that people 
> aren't going to see all the way through.  We need people that 
> are going to stick through the entire pull request process and 
> hopefully continue to be involved in the project. 
> That's okay.  As I mentioned earlier, we're not interested in drive by 
> contributions that aren't going to seem them through :)  We're having 
> a hard enough time keeping up with the contributions that we 
> do have where they have seen them through. 

Just to note here, that you actually do not want to lower 
barriers for new contributors. It is perfectly legitimate 
strategy (not that I think it is wise), but it would be probably 
wise to say it aloud. Something like (courtesy of dwm 
developers): “Because dwm is customized through editing its 
source code, it’s pointless to make binary packages of it. This 
keeps its userbase small and elitist. No novices asking stupid 

Sorry, really shutting up, just couldn’t resist.


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