chat windows opened in maximized state, stealing focus

Olaf Hering olaf at
Fri Mar 22 02:56:25 EDT 2019

If for some reason the connection to GroupWise, IRC or RocketChat has to be (re)stablished, pidgin will just open a maximized, non-foreground window over all other open windows. This window may sometimes still have the keyboard focus, so test one is about to type ends up in the wrong window.

Is there a knob that will make sure all new tabs will under all circumstances be opened minimized, unless of course pidgin is currently the active application?
If such code exists, where is it so that I could add some debug for further analysis?

In the settings I see something like 'Hide new conversations: always', 'conversations in tabs', and 'new conversations in last opened window'. My interpretation of the first knob is that it would exactly do that, or does it really just apply to private conversations from another person instead of also auto-joined channels?

This is pidgin revision 39304 on XFCE.

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