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Wed May 15 03:03:09 EDT 2019

Hi there!

Always exciting to see someone new want to take a stab at writing a
protocol plugin :)
What protocol were you thinking of writing for?

There's a skeleton prpl in-tree called nullprpl.c (for 3.x.y or
for 2.x.y )
that has a basic example of hooking into the libpurple plugin system.

Grim also has an excellent example of a 3.x.y plugin at

For a 2.x.y plugin, you can also try looking at which is a horrible plugin
but gives an example of the bare minimums required.

I strongly recommend editing an existing plugin, removing all the code
that's not relevant to your protocol, and then replacing it with your new

Feel free to pop by in #pidgin on Freenode, or on one of the
Discord/XMPP/Matrix channels to say hi and bounce ideas past us :)


On Wed, 15 May 2019 at 15:56, maldauxra-retumado at <
maldauxra-retumado at> wrote:

> Hello,
> Is there documentation on how to add a new protocol? Maybe a skeleton or a
> very simple one? Any language (C, Python, Lua ...) will do.
> I've tried to see some of the already existing protocols (both internal
> and third-party) but find it hard to isolate the pidgin specifics from
> those of the protocol. I'd rather start from a small example and move from
> there.
> Thanks.
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