Adding a new protocol

Eduardo maldauxra-retumado at
Wed May 15 08:14:11 EDT 2019

> What protocol were you thinking of writing for?

I'm using the yowsup library, with a python client whose only task is to 
forward the messages to Telegram. My idea is to connect pidgin with that 
script,  via a shallow plugin doing IPC, for example, or by presenting 
the yowsup client as a server to pidgin (using a basic protocol).

Hope that makes sense...

> There's a skeleton prpl in-tree called nullprpl.c (for 3.x.y 
> or for 2.x.y 
> [...]

Thanks a lot Eion! It's exactly what I was looking for. You'll probably 
hear from me again if I can get something working ;).

Cheers, Eduardo.

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