Headset plugin, compatibility Plantronics W720

Lukas Schreiner dev at lschreiner.de
Sat May 16 06:20:04 EDT 2020

Hi together,

working with Pidgin 2.13.0 and SIPE-Connection to S4B.
And furthermore i'm using a Plantronics W720 headset.
Found in this list a reference to a Headset plugin for pidgin (http://git.infradead.org/users/dwmw2/pidgin-headset.git).

It was nearly usable, but i'd to make some changes in order to be able
to use it for my headset. It was flickering start/stop hook in a loop after
ending a call (doesn't matter if call ended automatically or via
button). The LED turned on, off, muted, on,.. etc. and Pidgin was not
responsive anymore. Debug logs were full of event debug prints, whereas
b0020 = 1 was stated.

The headset is not the Lync-certified one (W720 instead of W720-M), but
i guess there is not so much difference.

As i'm not sure where to place it exactly, i thought of just sharing my
changes, in order to get it working, here in the list if somebody else
is searching for it.

Best regards,

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