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Gary Kramlich grim at
Tue Sep 1 21:06:11 EDT 2020

On 9/1/20 9:09 AM, dequis wrote:
> Oh hey, awesome! I gotta say I haven't been paying attention, so this
> is a bit of a pleasant surprise.

It's been in the works for awhile, but yeah I'm very happy that it's
finally coming to a conclusion.

> For bitlbee we're also using trac and we're also very unhappy with it,
> and have no one to do the required sysadmin work. From time to time we
> get users on irc complaining about not being able to submit issues at
> all because the captcha is broken.
> So, hell yeah, I want in. I don't even care if the migration mangles
> things. Literally anything that can accept tickets is an improvement
> here.
> - What would it take for us to move our trac instance to this?
> - Do I need some sort of admin-level access in the youtrack instance?
> - Should I just send you a tarball of the trac environment?

So the importing tool (that I wrote) needs to be ran by a youtrack
admin.  We have a separate admin account for these things on  So to move your trac to this, I would
prefer if I was the one running it (just to make sure there's no issues,

That said, the tool is designed to run against the trac instance itself,
in that it needs the trac environment and the database instance.  This
doesn't have to be production, but that is how I'm planing to migrate
Pidgin's trac.  Currently I'm working off of a trac backup as well as a
database backup.

Here's the caveats though... This does not do anything at all with the
trac wiki.  Recently youtrack added a "knowledgebase" but I haven't yet
looked at it.

Also, I'm sure you trac has acquired a lot of spam and defunct accounts.
 The Pidgin trac has something like 20,000 accounts, we're obviously not
importing all of them, which is why it's only currently active Pidgin
developers, and if anyone else wants me to migrate them explicitly.
That said, the accounts are all managed by
which we prefer users use oauth to create their accounts but can link
all of them together.  This way it's single sign-on and there's 2fa,
password resetting etc.

> Wilmer also gave me the OK and is similarly happy about the idea.

Cool, so hit me up somewhere and we can work on the finer points.  I'll
go ahead an get a bitlbee group setup in hub, but let me know who should
be part of the team and what kind of access they should have.

I'm assuming you don't need code hosting?  However we do also have a
prosody server running for pidgin developers and imfreedom members and
we can add a vhost for bitlebee there as well.  Lots of this needs to be
documented, but time has been in short supply lately.


Gary Kramlich <grim at>

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