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Gary Kramlich grim at
Thu Sep 3 18:13:13 EDT 2020

Greetings Programs!

I alluded to it in my previous email about the
migration, but NetworkRedux is retiring from the hosting business on
December 1st 2020.  Fortunately I was already working on retiring these
servers so we don't have a ton of work to do, but we do still have some
work to do.

When I learned about this shutdown Monday I started the process to
shutdown  Imperial is/was only acting as a backup
mail server for us.  So Monday night I removed the backup MX records
with the intent to shut the server down on Friday September 4th.

When it comes to, there's quite a bit more there.  I have
 migrated to our Kubernetes cluster.  It's
been upgraded to the most recent mediawiki and user accounts are now
handled by our JetBrains Hub instance at
There's a bit more work to do here when it comes to theming and logos
and stuff, but it is functional again.

That leaves the email stack that needs to be migrated yet.  Richard and
I have been working on a plan for awhile and Luke has been taking a look
as well.  Hopefully we'll be able to get that knocked out soon and we'll
be good to go.

There is one more thing to worry about on all of our servers.  These
servers are old, 14ish years old in fact.  In those 14 years quite a few
people have had access to them and those people have quite a lot of data
in their home directories on them.  I don't want delete anything anyone
still wants/need, but I also don't want to be backing up this data
forever either.

So below is a list of usernames and how large their home directories are
on each server.  I'm including nicobar in this list as we are planning
on decommissioning this server by the end of the year as well.  So
please, at your earliest convenience grab what you want and delete what
you don't.  If you're having issues accessing the servers, please reach
out to me directly and I can restore your access.  Also, I have omitted
people from the list that only have email in their home directories.

blend rock:122M
caseyho rock:56M
datallah rock:1.6G nicobar:20G
deryni rock:130M
elb rock:2.6G
khc rock:270M
kstange rock:219M nicobar:43M
lschiere rock:1.3G imperial:3.0G
markdoliner rock:39M
nosnilmot rock:3.0G
nwalp rock:87M
rekkanoryo rock:1.5G nicobar:7.2G
resiak rock:290M
rlaager rock:156M
sadrul rock: 1.6G
sanket rock:442M
seanegan rock:689M
twasilczyk rock:188M
wabz rock:177M


Gary Kramlich <grim at>

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