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Gary Kramlich grim at
Wed Sep 9 06:25:26 EDT 2020

On 9/8/20 7:53 PM, John Bailey wrote:
> On 9/8/20 1:29 AM, Gary Kramlich wrote:
>> Greetings Programs!
>> Well it's Tuesday Morning UTC and is officially in
>> read-only mode.  Developers can still modify issues (if they absolutely
>> need to) but user creation is gone because everything has been imported
>> into !!
>> All of the issues have the same numbers they did in trac.  For example
>> is now available at
> Congrats!  It's nice to see that tooling is finally improving.

Yeah, triaging in YouTrack isn't mind numbingly slow which is awesome!! :-D

> Honestly, I can't conceive of why any of us would need to modify any
> tickets or comments on Trac at this point.  Reading for reference, sure,
> but really, modifications should be happening on YouTrack now.

Yeah this is mostly just a precaution.

>> Eagle eye viewers will notice that we did not import most of the users.
>>  This was intentional for a number of reasons.  First, we didn't to move
>> people's personally identifiable information across systems without
>> their permissions.  Secondly, even if we only imported users who created
>> or commented on tickets we would essentially be importing accounts that
>> have a high likely hood of never being used again.  Finally, we there
>> are an insane number of accounts in our trac instance and many of them
>> were spam accounts and thus we didn't want to sort through them.
> As I've said a number of times, I think that was a good call.  We also
> didn't have e-mail addresses for a large number of those accounts so
> they'd have been useless to the original reporters and commenters, as
> well as being overhead for us to deal with for those users to reclaim.
>> That said, if you have created an account in our hub instance at
>> you have two options.  You can watch the
>> tickets that you're interested in by adding yourself to the watch list
>> on the tickets themselves.
> What's the other option? :-P

The second option was that I could reassign ownership, but I tried to
back out of committing to that and then apparently didn't proof read enough.

>> I hope everyone enjoys YouTrack. I spent a lot of time evaluating tools
>> and it definitely is the best tool available right now.  I know a lot of
>> you will be upset that it's not open source, and I feel the same say,
>> but one of my goals for Pidgin is to improve the user experience all the
>> way around, including issue reporting, and YouTrack is the best tool for
>> that job right now.  I'll be touching base more on this in an upcoming
>> blog post.
> While open source might be ideal, functional and helpful are far more
> important right now, especially when we can get functional and helpful
> for free.

My thoughts exactly.

> John


Gary Kramlich <grim at>

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