Pidgin 2.14.2 release announcement

Gary Kramlich grim at
Thu Apr 1 18:58:25 EDT 2021


This is duplicate of the email I just sent to the devel and announce
mailing lists.

Today we have released Pidgin 2.14.2! You can find it at
Unfortunately we can no longer us Bintray as they are no longer hosting
files so SourceForge is the only place to get it!

version 2.14.2 (04/01/2021):
    * Fix a build issue when compiling with gstreamer but without voice
      video. (RR #25)
    * Enable cyrus-sasl by default. (RR #26)
    * Fix an issue with opening link in Firefox. (RR #503)
    * Fix a regression from 2.14.0 where extra whitespace would be
      when pasting <p> elements from HTML. (RR #504) (PIDGIN-17437)

    * Require Python 3 for generating the D-Bus bindings. (RR #550)

    * Fix an issue where pasting <hr>'s and other HTML elements would

      eventually lead to a crash. (RR #514) (PIDGIN-17446)


Gary Kramlich <grim at>

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