Pidgin 2.14.3 has been released!

Gary Kramlich grim at
Sat Apr 10 01:05:39 EDT 2021

Greetings Programs!

Pidgin 2.14.3 was actually released yesterday but we held the
announcement back a bit to make sure I didn't completely break stuff
again! Anyways this version primarily fixes the Windows breakage in
2.14.2 but also finally removes the AIM protocol plugin.

I know technically that might have required a semantic version change,
but it's been broken for years so you could argue that 2.14.0 covered
the breakage or something.

Anyways, the files are available on Sourceforge[1] and you can see the
full change log below.

version 2.14.3 (04/08/2021):
	* Removed the AIM protocol plugin. AIM has been shut down since
December 15th of 2017. We left it around because of a third party
server, but our plugin no longer works with it. (RR #598) (Gary Kramlich)

	* Standardize on wprintf in pidgin/win32/winpidgin.c (RR #593) (Gary
	* Use the inetc nsis plugin that supports https (RR #593, #594)
(PIDGIN-17511) (Gary Kramlich)
	* If building under msys2 copy libgcc_s_dw2-1.dll and libwinpthread to
the install directory. (RR #593) (PIDGIN-17511) (Gary Kramlich)



Gary Kramlich <grim at>

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