=?UTF-8?B?6LS35qy+5LyY5oOgIFdlIE5lZWQgQ29tcGFueSBSZXByZXNlbnRhdGl2ZSAmIEJyb2tlcg==?=, & Can we discuss?

屯门集团 webmaster at yjidc.com
Fri Dec 30 15:51:38 EST 2022

I am Xu from Hong Kong, We are looking for Financial
brokers/representative/agent to work with us to reach local
borrowers. %1 commission will be paid per project funding. We are
still funding from $1million to $15 Billion (LOAN) to Private
Individuals / Company @ 2% interest rate per annul, for 10 to 15
years yearly with a 2 year grace period. There will be face-to-
face loan closure meeting to sign the loan agreement and funds

Let me know your project for funding and i will send you our
terms and condition.


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