PCB Fabrication and assembly enquiry

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Tue Jul 26 07:26:18 EDT 2022

Hi Dear,


We are looking for a new  Board manufacturer. Our company, 
Hollywog, is in the healthcare/medical device space. We would 
like a quote for manufacturing one of the Boards in our product. 
We plan to use 12,000 boards in a year, and we would like 
releases of 1000 every month.


Before I can send more information about our board design and its 
components, would you all be willing to sign an NDA?

Please see attached our NDA. Please sign with handwritten 
signature, scan, and send back to me.


We will send you fully executed version.





Grace Petty

Operations Assistant | Hollywog


t: +1 (423) 305-7778
e: grace.petty at hollywog.com 

100 Cherokee Blvd. Ste 124
Chattanooga, TN 37405

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