ATLANTIS CORPORATION Irsdes at eureka.lk
Wed Sep 21 08:07:14 EDT 2022


I hope this mail finds you well. First of all I would like to 
make a quick introduction of our company. ATLANTIS CORPORATION, 
with its headquarters in Kyiv city that provides regular 
intermediary services in executing contracts and purchases on 
behalf of  companies for the benefit of them being the principal. 
Our primary focus is sourcing, purchasing and promoting the sale 
of quality products at competitive prices in the global 
marketplace in compliance with various international standards. 
We represent the demand companies in importing and exporting 
products and commodities from around the world.

Through our regular online sourcing and business ratings/review, 
we learnt about your company as a good Supplier/Manufacture of 
quality products. Currently, two companies have indicated 
interest in the potential purchase of your products for a long 
term and we would like to learn further about your company's 
terms of supply and payment.

Could you get back to us with your Product Catalog including, 
specification, sizes and prices for possible purchase. While we 
look forward to discussing further, Our proposed payment method 
for this first order will be 100% prepayment in advance plus the 
freight, FOB origin.For your information we receive our 
commission immediately (the same day) the full invoice amount is 
transferred by our customers to the suppliers nominated account.

I look forward to your timely response.


Alexandra Bondarenko
Vasylya Lypkivs\'koho St, 
27/4,Kyiv city, Ukraine, 
02000 Kyiv Ukraine.

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