Feature request - Feature was in Gaim not in Pidgin

Evan Platt evan at espphotography.com
Fri Dec 7 14:33:24 EST 2007

It does that for me - It was either an option or a plugin, but I 
don't see any enabled plugins that do this.

But it is possible.

At 11:29 AM 12/7/2007, Scott Silver wrote:
>Hello Support,
>I would like to make a request. One of the main reasons which is 
>keeping me on GAIM and not going to pidgin is one feature which 
>Pidgen does not have.
>On Pidgin, the icons to the left of a buddy name are all green dots.
>In GAIM, the icon the left of the buddy name was the icon of the 
>services that buddy was using. You would see an AIM icon or a Yahoo 
>icon or a Sametime icon or the Jabba icon.
>Would you be able to put this into Pidgin as well?
>When using many of the services, it a great help in distinguishing 
>what service the other user is using. All green dots causes some hassles.
>If possible, please respond acknowledging you have received this and 
>if it will be implemented. It seems like a quick and easy thing to do.
>Thank you.
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