three current problems

Daniel Päßler paessler at
Sun Dec 9 08:11:18 EST 2007

first of all, i'd like to thank you for doing all this great stuff. i
really appreciate your work and as a long time gaim/pidgin user, i'm
very happy with it ;)
and as i'm no native english speaker, sorry for any incorrectness :)
however, some problems (more or less annoying) still remain.
first thing is ticket #576, which still exists in 2.3.1 for me. beeing
unable to sort my buddies is somehow painful, as i'm having a lot of
them. this bug exists since around 2.0.0 now, and i wonder, if it
affects anyone or only some people?
second is ticket #1843, which makes the function to block/unblock some
users simply useless for me atm.
third (and least important) problem is with msimprpl. i simply see all
users offline. to verify this, i added myself as a buddy, but even
though i can send myself an im, i don't see me online. and i really set
my status to online. i tried to im jeff at myspace about this, but never
got a response. also, i didn't find anything appropriate in the
bugtracker. so if there's a bug report about this issue, maybe you can
point me to it :)

i'd be really glad, if i could help solving these issues. but as i have
no programming skills at all, i only can provide every information, you
may need.

keep up the great work and have a nice day ;)

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