Sudden spamming via Yahoo!

Evan Platt evan at
Mon Dec 10 11:53:35 EST 2007

Check your privacy settings. Perhaps they were altered with a upgrade?

Sounds like you want it to "Allow only the users on my contact list"?


At 08:49 AM 12/10/2007, Vanco, Don wrote:
>support-bounces at wrote:
> > Do you mean Spam IM's? Or spam e-mails?
>lol - spam IMs - like:
>(20:35:14) edwhitney04: If you're playing the market at you, you might
>wanna check out UTEI (Nanotech Play), UTEC Inc   Horse sense
>(10:44:25) queenwaller88: Marketing companies are hot right,symbol-UTEI
>(Nanotech Play), now they make money regardless of the market , Green
>with envy
>I don't do Yahoo! mail, so I can't say if there's additional spamming
>there or not....

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