Conversation with QIP (russian)

N.Novozhilov nna at
Thu Dec 13 02:45:20 EST 2007

Here is debug log with QIP client:

oscar: Parsing IM part, charset=0x0000,charsubset=0x0000, datalen=40
oscar: Conversion from ASCII failed: Invalid byte sequence in
conversion input.
oscar: Conversion from
ru_RU.UTF-8,UTF-8,CP1251,KOI8-R,ISO-8859-5,russian,UTF8 failed:
Conversion from character set
'ru_RU.UTF-8,UTF-8,CP1251,KOI8-R,ISO-8859-5,russian,UTF8' to 'UTF-8' is
not supported.

My Encoding string is:
ru_RU.UTF-8,UTF-8,CP1251,KOI8-R,ISO-8859-5,russian,UTF8 as described in
a FAQ - comma-separated list.

With other respondents Pidgin shows only one string :
Parsing IM part, charset=0x0002, charsubset=0x0000, datalen=24

It's possible to ignore charset 0x0000 ? Or I have some
misconfiguration exactly for this case?

Nicholas A. Novozhilov, NAN6-RIPE

 NTR Lab
 System administrator

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