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Istvan Nagy nagy_stefi at
Thu Dec 13 10:18:16 EST 2007

Hi John,

Thank you for your answer. 
Thanks for the tip to set a buddy as always show while offline.
However I don't understand what is wrong with the idea of having the online buddies
sorted to the top while offline. Why is this something to be avoided. I thought this
would be very helpful and makes the program more comfortable to use.

Best regards,

PS: I found some issue with this setting "set a buddy as always show while offline".
Every time after I restart my computer after hibernating, my friend dissapear from
the buddy list, even she is set to be shown always while offline. After I exit from
pidgin and start again, she is there in the list.
I usually hibernate my computer, I never shut down because it's much faster.

--- John Bailey <rekkanoryo at> wrote:

> Istvan Nagy wrote:
> > Hi everybody,
> > 
> > I was looking for a setting and I couldn't find anywhere.
> > Is it possible to have all my online buddies on the top regardless of what
> groups
> > they belong to? I used Trillian before and I just recently installed Pidgin and
> I
> > had this option in Trillian.
> > I like to keep the option Show Offline Buddies on, because I have some friends
> who
> > are invisible but I can still communicate with them and it is very hard to see
> if
> > anybody comes online because I have more groups and many buddies.
> > At present always need to scroll down to see when somebody is coming online.
> > Is this option available or there is a way to do it, or is it possible to be in
> a
> > future release? I think this would be very important and useful.
> > 
> > Thank you,
> > Sincerely,
> > Steven Nagy
> This is not possible in Pidgin, and is something we have historically avoided.
> It is also not possible to have all offline buddies appear in an "offline
> pseudogroup".  I, for one, wish to see Pidgin continue to avoid such "features."
> There is, however, functionality in Pidgin which allows you to set specific
> buddies to always show while offline; you could enable this for a few specific
> buddies and turn off the "Show Offline Buddies" option.
> John

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